Hiking and Trekking Adventures

Unlock New Zealand’s outdoor beauty with our top-notch hiking and trekking tours. You will journey through alpine peaks and dense forests in the largest national parks. All the while, soaking in the joy of our private lodges. Since 1978, we’ve guided walks covering over 200,000 miles. We focus on famous trails like the Milford and Routeburn Tracks, top picks in New Zealand.1

Immerse deeply in Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our guided adventures align luxury with eco-friendliness, winning the highest sustainable tourism award in New Zealand. Prepare for. Wondrous views of landscapes will greet you on our treks and hikes.1

Get ready for a remarkable journey to alpine peaks, some as high as 6,748 meters. You’ll see the Huascarán, one of the Andes’ mighty peaks. With an aim on safety and making your trip meaningful, we guarantee a challenge that’s also rewarding.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the grandeur of New Zealand’s national parks through guided multi-day hikes and treks
  • Experience the perfect balance of luxury and sustainability with our private lodges and Qualmark Gold certification
  • Challenge yourself to conquer alpine peaks, including the renowned Huascarán in the Andes
  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the destinations you explore
  • Enjoy the expertise of our experienced guides and the peace of mind that comes with our commitment to safety

Embark on Epic Journeys

Head to New Zealand’s2 Fiordland National Park and walk the Milford Track, a 5-day, 4-night journey. You’ll cover 54km (33.5 miles). Or trek through Mt. Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks on the 32km (20.1 miles) Routeburn Track in 3 days. For a longer adventure, combine both tracks on the Grand Traverse, totaling 66km (41 miles) over 6 days. The Classic offers the longest, at 95km (59.2 miles), in 8 days. It’s the best of New Zealand’s Great Walks in one trip.

Milford Track Guided Walk

Get lost in the2 natural beauty of Fiordland National Park on this 5-day guided walk. You’ll see high peaks, waterfalls, and old rainforests. It’s an iconic experience.

Routeburn Track

Try the Routeburn Track for a 3-day adventure through stunning landscapes. This 32km (20.1 miles) hike showcases the best of Mt. Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks. It’s tough but worth it.

Grand Traverse

The Grand Traverse is a true test, combining the Milford and Routeburn Tracks. Over 6 days, you’ll hike 66km (41 miles) through gorgeous national parks. Prepare for an epic journey.

The Classic

For the longest and best hike, choose The Classic. This 8-day hike covers 95km (59.2 miles). You’ll see the top sites of Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks. It’s an unforgettable adventure.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Grandeur

Step into the world of outdoor exploration and trail hiking in New Zealand’s Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks. Join our mountain trekking adventures to experience the beauty of these areas. These sites are UNESCO World Heritage and truly grand.3

Test your skills with our wilderness camping and backpacking expeditions that offer amazing views at every turn. Plunge into the heart of nature on scenic hikes and wilderness adventures in the alpine peaks and lush forests. This is real nature immersion.3

Looking for a backpacking trip alone or with friends? Our guided tours mix thrill with peace. Dive into the magic of these natural landscapes and forge memories forever.3

Hiking Essentials Percentage of Hikers
Water, snacks, first-aid kits, maps, and compasses 3
Encounters with wildlife during solo hiking trips 3
Increase in physical endurance after challenging trails 3
Sense of accomplishment and personal growth 3

Sustainable Luxury at Its Best

Our guided hikes and treks strike a perfect balance. We mix luxury with a focus on the planet. You’ll stay in our private lodges. There, you’ll be in comfort, guided by our skilled experts. Plus, you can relax knowing we care for the environment in national parks.

Private Lodges

On our Everest treks, Luxury Holidays Nepal offers nothing but the best. You get top-notch stays, delicious meals, and special services. You also find wellness options that care for you, alongside our deep commitment to eco-friendly practices.4 Our journeys can last from 7 to 21 days, depending on which adventure you choose. They are packed with cool things to see and do, all designed just for you.4

Experienced Guides

When it comes to Everest treks, Luxury Holidays Nepal stands out. We offer top luxury, skill, custom services, and most importantly, safety. Our great service has made us leaders in the business.4

Conservation Efforts

We’re proud holders of New Zealand’s top sustainable tourism award, Qualmark Gold. We partner with wildlife experts to protect the land from harm. Together, we work on keeping predator numbers down. Plus, we focus on general earth conservation.

Award-Winning Adventures

Embark on a thrilling hiking journey with our award-winning adventures. The Alpe Adria Hiking tour crosses Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, unveiling the beauty of the Alps.5 Our Bhutan Chomolhari Trek explores the breathtaking landscapes and culture of Bhutan’s Himalayan kingdom.6 In Japan, the Kumano Kodo Walking tour leads you along ancient pilgrimage paths, letting you soak up Japan’s deep cultural roots.6

Adventure Duration Price
Alpe Adria Hiking 9.1 days5
Bhutan Chomolhari Trek
Kumano Kodo Walking

Our top adventures are a chance to discover amazing places by walking. You will connect with the land, its people, and the natural spectacles that define each spot.5

Hiking and Trekking Adventures

Get ready for an amazing journey walking through world-famous places. You will visit Peru and its incredible sites. Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu5 or find special spots in the Sacred Valley.5

Peru Inca Trail Trek

The Inca Trail is a top hiking spot in the world. You’ll walk ancient paths, climb mountain passes, and see the Andes’ culture. All this to reach the amazing Machu Picchu.5

Peru Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Hiking

Step off the Inca Trail and into the Sacred Valley’s beauty. Here, you’ll see incredible old sites and natural wonders. You’ll walk through green valleys and see Machu Picchu, too. Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.5

Portugal Historic Village Hiking

Join our tour to see Portugal’s beautiful countryside and culture. You’ll visit charming villages and enjoy the rolling hills. It’s a chance to learn about the country’s unique life and traditions.5

Whether you love hard hikes or more relaxed walks, we have it all. Our trips mix outdoor fun with getting to know different cultures. Start a memorable trip with us and see the world’s stunning places.7

Explore the World on Foot

Our hiking and trekking adventures let you see the world on foot. With over 50 years in such trips, we cover a lot, from Europe to Asia, South America, and North America. Vacations with us last from 5 to 14 days. The hikes have different challenges, rated from 3 to 5.5

Slovenia Julian Alps Hiking

Slovenia’s Julian Alps are stunning. They’re known for big mountain views, clear lakes, and cute villages.8 You can find hikes of all kinds there. From hard, high trails to easy walks in the valleys.8

Spain El Camino de Santiago Hiking

Try the Camino de Santiago in Spain for a special journey. It’s an old pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. This path comes from different places in Europe. It ends at the shrine of St. James.9 Walking here lets you be part of Spain’s rich culture. You also meet people from all over the world.9

Utah National Parks Hiking

Our Utah National Parks Hiking is unforgettable. You’ll see places like Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. These parks show Utah’s unique natural beauty. Hiking here is a must for outdoor fans.9

Our trips have it all. From high mountain views to unique natural parks. Join us to discover the beauty and stories of the world.589

Premier Lodging Adventures

Elevate your hiking and trekking experiences with Premier Lodging Adventures. Our adventures blend outdoor exploration with luxury accommodations. You can dive deep into nature while staying in comfort and style.5

Alps Chamonix & Courmayeur Hiking with Premier Lodging

Explore the gorgeous Alps in Chamonix, France, and Courmayeur, Italy with us. Our guided hiking tours last 5 to 14 days. They feature various levels, from easy to hard, welcoming hikers of different abilities.5 Wander through alpine scenes, charming villages, and history. Enjoy the cozy settings of our premier lodges along the way.

Arizona & Utah Hiking with Premier Lodging

Get lost in the beauty of the American Southwest on our Arizona and Utah hikes. Running from January to November, these tours lead you through deserts, canyons, and peaks.5 Experience local culture, wildlife safaris, and unique trekking, all with the support of our quality lodges.

We’ve been guiding hikes for over 50 years. Premier Lodging Adventures is your go-to for outdoor fun.5 Whether you crave European views or the wild U.S. Southwest, we merge adventure with luxury. This lets you truly connect with nature.

Cultural Immersion Through Hiking

Our hiking adventures take you to breathtaking nature and rich cultural heritage. You’ll see picturesque landscapes in southern Spain, diverse ecosystems in Costa Rica, and historic architecture in the Czech Republic and Austria. This is a chance for a full cultural experience.

Best of Southern Spain Hiking

Explore the beauty of southern Spain’s enchanting villages and Moorish influences. Hike through rolling hills and olive groves. Our tours connect you with locals, letting you feel the pulse of the area.


Costa Rica Coast to Coast Hiking

Experience Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems, from lush rainforests to pristine beaches. Our hikes show you the country’s wildlife, indigenous culture, and sustainable life. You’ll meet locals and learn about their traditions and efforts to protect the environment.11

Czech Republic & Austria Prague to Salzburg Hiking

Our tour takes you through the historic cities and breathtaking landscapes of the Czech Republic and Austria. You’ll see UNESCO-listed old towns, medieval castles, and Baroque architecture. Experience the local culture, enjoy the food, and learn about the area’s rich history.12

Scenic Trails and Landscapes

Join our tours to find breathtaking scenic hikes and trekking adventures. We’ll take you through the beautiful Lake District and Snowdonia in England and Wales. You will see amazing mountain landscapes and enjoy nature’s grandeur up close.7

England & Wales Lake District to Snowdonia Hiking

Start a great trekking tour from the Lake District‘s green hills to Snowdonia‘s wild peaks. Backpacking expeditions let you see beautiful views and rich cultures. The journey is filled with stunning nature and adventure.13

Iceland Hut-to-Hut Hiking

Try hut-to-hut hiking in amazing Iceland. Walk on scenic trails near volcanoes and glaciers. Stay in cozy mountain huts and be amazed by the wilderness. Get ready for a unique adventure.7

Italy Dolomites Hiking with Premier Lodging

Enjoy stunning views and luxury lodges in our Dolomites Hiking tour in Italy. You will see mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and more. Join us for adventure and top-notch lodging.7

Unique Hiking Experiences

Step outside the norm and try unique hiking adventures. Discover Jordan’s ancient history and culture or add a wildlife safari in Kenya.7 These adventures let you explore the world on foot. You can mingle with different cultures and see diverse ecosystems up close.

Jordan Hiking & Cultural Discovery with Premier Lodging

Discover Jordan’s amazing landscapes and history through hiking.14 See Petra’s rose-hued rock city, the Nabataean capital. Walk through Wadi Rum’s stunning canyons and dunes. Also, enjoy local marketplaces, ancient ruins, and meet Bedouins. Stay in top-notch lodgings for a comfortable journey.

Kenya Walking & Wildlife Safari

Love hiking and the thrill of a wildlife safari? Combine them in Kenya.714 Go on walking safaris in the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Laikipia. With the Big Five and Maasai culture, it’s the best of both worlds.


If you love stunning views, getting deep into a culture, or seeking a one-of-a-kind adventure, our hiking and trekking tours are perfect for you. They lead you from the famous Great Walks of New Zealand to faraway spots. You’ll challenge yourself and make unforgettable memories while feeling at one with nature.15

Our trekking adventures cover distances from 50 km to 24,000 km, and hiking journeys range from 4 km to 50 km.15 Over two days, trekkers walk 5 to 7 hours daily. For hikes, it’s usually one day or overnight, but you still walk at least 5 hours each day.15 When trekking, you’ll need warm, light clothes, sturdy shoes, and other essentials. Hiking just needs a few items like a daypack, water, food, and proper clothes.15

Planning your next epic journey or a simple walk? We’re here to make it even better. Discover amazing views, rich cultural spots, and eco-friendly adventures. Let us help you plan your next epic journey.


What kind of hiking and trekking adventures do you offer?

We’ve got lots of hiking and trekking tours. You can take a guided hike on New Zealand’s famous Milford and Routeburn Tracks. Or, go on treks in the Alps, Himalayas, and other cool places.

What are the details of the Milford and Routeburn Tracks?

The Milford Track is a 5-day adventure. It spans 54km through Fiordland National Park. The Routeburn Track, on the other hand, takes 3 days to cover 32km. It goes through Mt. Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks.The Grand Traverse is a 6-day, 66km journey that combines both tracks. The Classic is an 8-day hike, totaling 95km. It’s a top pick for exploring New Zealand’s Great Walks.

What kind of accommodations and support do you provide for your hiking and trekking adventures?

We aim for top comfort with private lodges and the best help from skilled guides. Our commitment to the environment is strong. We’ve achieved the highest award in sustainable tourism in New Zealand, Qualmark Gold. We also help with predator control and protecting the environment.

Do you offer any unique or award-winning hiking and trekking adventures?

Absolutely! We have special adventures that have won awards. These include our tour in Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, Bhutan’s Chomolhari Trek, and Japan’s Kumano Kodo Walking tour.

Can I combine hiking and trekking with other experiences, such as cultural discovery or wildlife safaris?

Yes! Our excursions blend hiking with local cultures and ecosystems. Check out our Jordan and Kenya trips for a mix of culture and wildlife.

What is the process for booking a hiking or trekking adventure with you?

You can now book for our 2024/25 summer adventures. Choose between Private and Multishare rooms. We use helpful tech to make your booking easier. Visit our website to find your perfect tour. Then, get in touch with our team to get your journey started.

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