Experience the Pinnacle of Solo Travel Adventures with Luxurious Journeys

Solo Travel Adventures

I have explored the world by myself. I’ve stayed in everything from top-notch hotels to simple huts and hostels.1 During my trips, backpacking made it easy for me to make new friends. Now, I’m looking for ways to meet others who, like me, love unique journeys.

Luxurious solo travel has caught my eye lately. Solo travel searches have shot up by 761% in 2022, as per Google Trends.2 Companies such as SevenTravel, Scott Dunn, and Abercrombie & Kent are making unique packages for solo adventurers.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury solo travel experiences are on the rise, with a 761% increase in searches in 2022.
  • Travel companies are offering specialized solo travel packages and experiences to cater to the growing demand.
  • Solo travelers seek authentic, sustainable, and culturally immersive journeys.
  • Safety, freedom, and personal growth are top priorities for solo travelers.
  • Connecting with like-minded solo travelers is a key goal for many adventurers.

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Solo travel is celebrated for transforming lives3. It gives a chance for deep personal growth and self-discovery. Many people choose solo trips to explore the world on their own. This choice has become even more popular today.4

The Benefits of Solo Travel

Going solo can boost your self-confidence3 and connect you with cultures. Facing challenges alone makes solo travelers stronger. They become more sure of themselves. This helps them take on new adventures5.

Embracing the Freedom of Independent Exploration

The ability to change plans and grab unexpected chances is special about solo trips. It adds excitement and flexibility to the journey.5 Traveling alone lets you do what you love. You can choose every part of your trip. This brings a strong sense of freedom in deciding.3

Finding Inner Strength and Personal Growth

Solo travel changes lives by encouraging self-discovery and growth3. Meeting challenges head-on makes travelers more resilient. They learn a lot about themselves on the trip. Traveling solo leads to deep personal insights and growth5.

The appeal of solo adventures is strong for those wanting growth, culture, or new experiences. Facing the journey alone can be very rewarding. It brings about big changes in people’s lives.

Luxury Travel Reimagined for the Intrepid Lone Wanderer

Solo travel is becoming more and more popular. The luxury travel industry is noticing this rise and is changing to meet the needs of the adventurous solo journey.6 Companies such as SevenTravel are at the forefront of this change. They offer adventures designed specifically for those who travel alone, termed “Singlemoon” itineraries.

Redefining Luxury: Sustainable, Purposeful, and Culturally Immersive

SevenTravel is rethinking luxury travel for solo explorers. Their packages offer more than just luxury.6 They focus on being good for the planet, meaningful journeys, and deep cultural experiences. The company aims to change how we think about travel, reducing harm to the Earth and encouraging cultural understanding.

The Rise of Luxurious Solo Travel Packages

There’s a big demand for solo travel, especially in the luxury market. Thus, companies are creating special trips for those who travel on their own.6 SevenTravel responds to this need with their “Singlemoon” offerings. These packages are about more than just luxury. They are about making a difference, exploring with a purpose, and fully immersing in different cultures.

Destination Highlights
Iceland Explore the mystical landscapes, including the Golden Circle, Northern Lights, and glacier hiking
Malta Embark on a private tour to discover the historical and natural wonders of Malta, including Valletta and Gozo island
Wildlife Safari Traverse the globe on a 25-day private jet journey to the world’s most fascinating wildlife destinations

Solo Travel Adventures: An Emerging Trend

In recent years, solo travel has become a big deal in the world. It’s especially popular among those looking for luxury. Even before COVID-19 hit, solo travel was picking up. But the pandemic and lockdowns pushed it even more into the spotlight.7

The Impact of COVID-19 on Solo Travel Demand

The pandemic has made solo travel even more attractive. People want to find freedom and independence on their journeys now more than ever.7

Google Trends Data: Soaring Interest in Solo Journeys

Google Trends data shows an incredible 761% increase in solo travel searches. This was in the year 2022. It’s clear that people are keen on setting their own travel paths.7

This rise in solo travel’s popularity is driven by a thirst for adventure, particularly among the younger generations. Exploring alone, whether near or far, is becoming more enticing. This is because solo travelers value the chance to find themselves and experience new cultures.27

SevenTravel: Crafting Bespoke Solo Luxury Experiences

The solo travel world is changing fast. SevenTravel has stepped up to meet the luxury travel needs. It’s focusing on personal, exciting trips for solo adventurers. This company has become well-known quickly, especially because it offers unique “Singlemoon” trips for those traveling alone.8

The “Singlemoon” Itineraries: A Response to Rising Demand

SevenTravel noticed more and more people, especially women over 45, wanting to travel solo. Google Trends data showed a major spike in solo travel interest in 2022, hitting a 761% increase. These trips are all about personal growth and unique experiences.98

Exploring Iceland’s Mystical Landscapes Alone

SevenTravel offers a special Iceland trip called “Me, Myself and Iceland.” It lets solo travelers dive into Iceland’s magic for 10 days. You can see the famous Golden Circle, catch the Northern Lights, and even hike a glacier. All with Iceland’s stunning views around you.9

This Iceland adventure by SevenTravel starts at £10,995 per person (flights not included). It’s a chance for solo travelers to break from the usual and enjoy freedom in exploring.9

Scott Dunn: Ensuring Safety and Comfort for LGBTQ+ Solo Travelers

Scott Dunn is at the forefront of serving single LGBTQ+ travelers. It meets their exclusive needs for a safe and embraced journey.10 Since 1986, Scott Dunn has become a top tour operator. It specifically selects LGBTQ+-friendly places. These choices make sure solo adventurists feel secure, at ease, and valued.

Partnering with OutThere Magazine for Cultural Sensitivity

Scott Dunn boosts the LGBTQ+ solo trip experience. How? By teaming with OutThere magazine. Their setup includes thorough training. Staff learn cultural awareness and address biases. This ensures all solo travelers, no matter who they are, are warmly received. They get exceptional care during their trip.

Limitless Malta: A Private Tour of History and Natural Wonders

Scott Dunn’s exceptional service includes the Limitless Malta adventure. It’s a unique, private journey. Lasting four nights, it dives into Malta’s historic and natural beauty.10 Guests get to visit Valletta and Gozo island. They explore Maltese culture and cuisine closely. All this happens during a comforting and secure private tour.

Abercrombie & Kent: A Legacy of Adventure and Luxury

Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) started in 1962 and is famous for amazing travel experiences. They focus on exciting adventures and luxury while caring for the planet. A&K gives unique trips for people who love to travel by themselves.11

The Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet

A&K’s top experience is the Wildlife Safari by Private Jet. It’s a 25-day world tour to see incredible wildlife spots. This rare journey lets solo travelers discover nature’s beauty by private jet, a comfort-filled adventure.11

Sustainable Tourism and Giving Back to Local Communities

A&K is committed to luxury and also to the environment and local people. They support over 40 projects, helping communities around the globe. This shows their dedication to responsible travel, combining exploration with community support.11

From private jet trips to small group or solo plans, A&K’s quality and care for the planet stand out. They are the best for those traveling alone who want the most unforgettable experiences. Their trips include everything from budget options to unique, far-flung destinations. They’re great for any solo traveler, offering exciting adventures every step of the way.11

Solo Travel Adventures in Captivating Destinations

The world is like a big painting waiting for you to explore. Solo travel lets you see it all at your own pace. From the lively streets in Tokyo to the green rainforests in Costa Rica, the globe is full of places for adventurers on their own.2 Let’s look at three exciting places known for being great for people traveling solo.

Japan: A Safe Haven for Solo Explorers

Japan is perfect for those traveling alone. It’s known for being very safe and easy to get around in.2 In cities like Tokyo and with amazing temples in Kyoto, there’s so much to see. Solo travelers can dive into the culture and enjoy finding hidden gems on their own.

Costa Rica: Pura Vida and Natural Wonders

Costa Rica is famous for its ‘pura vida’ way of life and diverse nature. It’s a great spot for women traveling by themselves.2 You’ll love the calm beaches and rich forests here. It’s a perfect mix of adventure and peace for those exploring on their own.

New Zealand: Outdoor Adventures and Maori Culture

New Zealand is full of stunning views, kind people, and Maori traditions. It’s an outstanding choice for solo adventurers.2 You can soak up the beauty of its mountains and fjords. Plus, learn about the Maori, who have a unique culture that adds to this special place.

Whether you look for the busy vibe of Japan, the laid-back life in Costa Rica, or the wild beauty of New Zealand, these places are perfect for solo trips. They offer the chance for growth and new experiences. Start your journey and enjoy the freedom that solo travel brings.

Joining a Community of Like-Minded Travelers

If you’re on a solo journey, finding a group of adventurers just like you can change the game.12 The third source tells us that group travel saves money, is safer, and lets you dive deep into different cultures.

The Benefits of Traveling with a Group

Traveling with others often means you get deals on where to stay, what to eat, and what to do.12 It also means you’ve got people looking out for you and ready to help when you need it.12 Plus, being in a group means meeting people from around the world who speak many languages. This makes your trip even more interesting.12

Maybe you love adventure and want to join a group for hiking, trekking, and biking trips.12 Or perhaps you’re into diving deep into cultures with food tours and arts workshops.12 There are also retreats focused on wellness with yoga, meditation, and spa sessions.12 Whatever you’re into, there’s a group out there that’s perfect for you.

Forging Lasting Connections and Friendships

Joining a travel group can lead to making great friends.12 The third source says platforms like Meetup and Backpackr are great for connecting with other travelers who share your interests and goals.

Also, volunteering through programs like Worldpackers is a fantastic way to feel a sense of community as you see the world.12

According to the second source, there’s a big demand for travel that feels personal and enriching, especially in the art and solo travel scenes.13 Many people love traveling solo and mixing in art activities during their trips.13 This offers a great chance for solo travelers to meet others with similar interests.

For example, you might join a small group sketching at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.13 Or attend a big meetup for art enthusiasts, which attracts all kinds of professionals.13 The aim is clear: to build meaningful friendships while exploring and experiencing the world. By choosing these special interest communities, solo travelers do more than just satisfy their urge to travel. They also find lasting friendships and grow personally.

Solo Travel Adventures: Escaping the Ordinary

Solo travel is about discovering deep personal freedom and self-discovery. Women over 40 find joy in these adventures, filling their unique needs. These trips help them grow, especially after their children have left home.14

These experiences offer real and unique encounters. They focus on empowering women and boosting their self-esteem.14

Pursuing Your Passions and Interests

Traveling alone means you can explore what you love without limits.14 Solo travelers may choose art, history, outdoor activities, or diving into new cultures. This can lead to deep personal growth and self-understanding.15

Embracing the Spirit of Adventure

Solo adventure is more than site-seeing. It’s about embracing the thrill of the unknown.

Trips designed for women over 40 focus on unique, real experiences. These trips, like exploring Iceland or Costa Rica, challenge comfort zones. They create unforgettable memories and personal growth.14

By chasing their passions and loving adventure, solo travelers can have life-changing trips. These journeys make you grow and truly know yourself. The adventure is limitless, whether you’re new or seasoned in solo travel.14

Travel Safely and Confidently as a Solo Traveler

I’ve been traveling solo for more than 15 years16. It taught me that safety comes first, along with respecting the local culture. This is key for a great adventure, whether you’re on a budget or looking for luxury.

Tips for Staying Safe on Your Solo Journey

Always know what’s happening around you. Before you go, research the laws and customs. Be careful with people you meet17.

Use tech to help you. Apps for maps and translations are great. And don’t forget safety gear like padlocks and alarms17.

Join the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)17. It keeps you updated on safety and offers help in emergencies. Staying in touch with family and using safe rideshares also adds to your security17.

Respecting Local Customs and Cultures

Getting to know local culture is important17. Learn about the history and traditions before you go. Showing respect makes your experience richer and helps you connect with others17.

Safety and respect allow you to enjoy solo travel. It brings personal growth and unforgettable memories16. The Solo Traveler site has over 600 posts for solo travelers16. Its tour page is updated monthly with special no-supplement tours16. So, get ready for an adventure the safe way and let the world show you its beauty.


Solo travel is growing popular, especially in luxury. It’s driven by a want for personal growth, independence, and seeking unique experiences. Companies such as SevenTravel and Scott Dunn have started offering special trips for those traveling alone. This trend shows how people are wanting to explore the world by themselves.

Places like Iceland and Costa Rica are top picks for solo explorers. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re truly on your own. It often means meeting others looking for adventures, too.

Staying safe is key. It’s also important to act in ways that show respect for the local culture. This helps make journeys not only safe but also meaningful and personal.

I’m a big fan of traveling solo. I wrote a book called “Dare to Travel Solo: Exploring Croatia and Italy.” It tells my story of stepping into the world of solo travel and finding myself.1 I want readers to feel inspired to go on their personal journeys, too.1


How has the rise of solo travel impacted the luxury travel industry?

Solo travel demand has increased, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies like SevenTravel and Scott Dunn have introduced luxury solo travel packages. These experiences are focused on sustainable adventures for the independent traveler.

What benefits do solo travelers enjoy compared to traditional group travel settings?

Traveling alone means you can do what you love without compromise. It gives a feeling of freedom, independence, and self-discovery. It’s a chance for personal growth without the influence of others.

What safety and cultural considerations should solo travelers keep in mind?

Enjoying the freedom of solo travel also means taking care of yourself. Always look out for your safety and respect the local culture. Knowing the local laws, customs, and etiquette is crucial. It’s also important to be cautious with strangers. Immerse yourself in the culture, as this makes the journey both respectful and fulfilling.

How can solo travelers connect with like-minded adventurers?

Joining a travel community is a good way to meet others who enjoy solo adventures. This provides a chance to make friends and share experiences. Specialized groups and tours are available for solo travelers. They offer a supportive, social environment.

What are some popular destinations for solo travel adventures?

Japan, Costa Rica, and New Zealand stand out as great places for solo trips. Solo travelers are drawn to these locations because of their safety and natural beauty. They also offer a chance for cultural immersion and outdoor activities.

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