Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Seeing the world as a child is pure magic. Get ready to make unforgettable memories. A safari in Africa might let you see a sneaky leopard. Or, watch your kids have fun in soft snow on a top-notch ski trip. You could also enjoy the beach, leaving small footprints in the sand. These unique family vacations will leave you with stories to share for a long time. Luxury family trips are all about making things easy for everyone. For example, we make sure your hotel room is perfect for your family. Your kids will have a blast at our Explorers Kids Club. This lets parents have a relaxing spa day. Everything is done with care on our family getaways.1 Our luxury trips for families are sure to bring joy to everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore extraordinary family vacation ideas that create lasting memories
  • Discover luxury resorts designed with families in mind, offering amenities and activities for all ages
  • Enjoy personalized family travel experiences that cater to your unique needs and preferences
  • Take advantage of all-inclusive packages that provide unlimited food, drinks, and activities
  • Immerse your family in new cultures and environments for a truly enriching travel experience

Luxury Family Vacation Destinations

Looking for places to take the whole family? You’re in luck. There are many enchanting spots around the globe for family getaways. From exquisite islands and ancient myths in Greece2 to the world-class skiing in Val d’Isère, France, these places promise fun for everyone.

Greece: Exquisite Islands and Ancient Myths

Greece is packed with history, gorgeous coastlines, and tasty food. It’s the perfect backdrop to make lasting family memories. Discover exquisite islands, dive into ancient myths, and enjoy living like the locals.2

Val d’Isère, France: World-Class Skiing and Après-Ski

Val d’Isère in the French Alps is ideal for families that love skiing. It pairs excellent slopes with a vibrant après-ski scene. The signature black run, ‘La Face’, and other activities ensure fun for all.2

South Africa: Diverse Landscapes and Wildlife

South Africa’s beauty and diversity make it an outstanding vacation spot. It has everything from diverse landscapes to amazing wildlife. Families can embark on thrilling adventures and create unforgettable moments.2

Sri Lanka: Tropical Beaches, Mountains, and Ancient Sites

In Sri Lanka, families can enjoy tropical beaches, mountainous regions, and monumental waterfalls. There’s also incredible wildlife to see, tea plantations to visit, and diverse culture to experience. With all this, it’s the perfect destination for a family trip.2

Croatia: Sparkling Waters and Picturesque Ports

Croatia is known for its stunning blue waters and charming rocky coves. Its picturesque ports are full of life, and the food is amazing. This makes it a top pick for families looking to enjoy the sea and local culture together.2

Costa Rica: Cloud Forests, Rivers, and Volcanoes

The ‘Rich Coast’, or Costa Rica, is a paradise with its cloud forests, rivers, and more. It features exotic animals and volcanoes, making it great for family adventures.3

Luxury Resorts for Families

Choosing the right resort plays a big role in a luxury family vacation. For that special touch, you can pick from beachfront villas with private pools or mountain retreats with easy ski access. These top-notch resorts have everything families need for fun and relaxation.

Daios Cove, Crete: Beachfront Villas and Scott Dunn Explorers Kids Club

Daios Cove is set in Crete, offering a stunning view on its private bay. This 5-star destination features modern villas and suites. These come with private pools and it includes an exclusive Scott Dunn Explorers Kids Club, perfect for families.3

Pine Cliffs Resort, Algarve: Golf, Tennis, and Sandy Beaches

In the Algarve, Portugal, Pine Cliffs Resort stands as one of Europe’s greatest for families. Its highlights include golf, tennis, and access to sandy beaches. Plus, there’s a Scott Dunn Explorers Kids Club for the children.3

Les Barmes de l’Ours, Val d’Isère: Ski-In/Ski-Out Luxury

Les Barmes de l’Ours, a 5-star escape in Val d’Isère, France, is right by the slopes. It fuses modern amenities with the cozy feel of an alpine lodge. This creates a unique luxury experience for skiing families.3

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik: Seaside Retreat with Activities

The Sun Gardens by Dubrovnik, Croatia, blends hotel with private residences. It’s situated on a hilltop with remarkable views and easy beach access. This mix of accommodations and activities is great for the whole family.3

Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Visiting Finnish Lapland is a memorable trip with magical moments. You can meet elves, reindeer, huskies, and Santa Claus himself. It’s a place where fairy-tales become real.4

Greece is known for its rich history and stunning coasts. It’s a great place to visit with the family. The country is filled with iconic sites and beautiful beaches.4

Ecuador offers a unique mix of city life, countryside beauty, and the Galapagos Islands’ one-of-a-kind wildlife. This combination makes for an amazing family adventure. Everyone, no matter their age or interest, will enjoy this trip.4

Luxurious Family Vacations in the United States

Santa Monica, California, is great for families. They can enjoy sunny weather and beaches. The Santa Monica Pier and Marvin Braude Bike Path are popular spots.5

Aspen, Colorado: Outdoor Adventures in the Rockies

Aspen, Colorado, is perfect for active families. It has beautiful mountains and activities for everyone. You can walk on paved trails or visit the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

Acadia National Park, Maine: Rugged Coastline and Nature

Acadia National Park is a dream for those who love nature. In summer, families can splash in the ocean or hike. There are also cool tidal pools to explore.5

Chicago, Illinois: Urban Exploration and Attractions

Chicago is a top city for family vacations. It has fun events and places like the Lincoln Park Zoo. You can also visit the Shedd Aquarium and the Maggie Daley Park’s Play Garden.5

Family-Friendly Resorts in the United States

Planning a luxurious family vacation in the U.S.? Look no further. There are top-tier resorts ready to make your stay unforgettable. Whether it’s the stunning landscapes of Maui or the magical Disney World in Florida, these spots cater to all tastes and interests.6

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea: Hawaiian Luxury

The Four Seasons Resort in Maui at Wailea is perfect for families. It offers a kids’ program, cultural experiences, and free amenities for children. Starting at $1,500 per night,6 it promises a memorable Hawaiian holiday for everyone.

Montage Laguna Beach: Oceanfront Elegance

Montage Laguna Beach is all about laid-back charm and excellent service. It has fun activities like snorkeling and surf lessons. The resort’s Paintbox and Paintbox Petite programs ensure kids have a blast. Prices start at $1,100 per night.6

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana: Outdoor Adventures

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana, is great for families wanting outdoor fun. It offers horseback riding, fly fishing, and a kids club. All-inclusive, prices start at $2,300 per night for two guests, with an extra charge for kids.6

Four Seasons Resort Orlando: Disney World Magic

The Four Seasons at Disney World mixes Disney magic with luxury. It has a five-acre waterpark and free park shuttles. Staying starts at $1,295 per night,6 offering an amazing family vacation.

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu: Hawaiian Beaches and Activities

Turtle Bay Resort, on Oahu’s North Shore, is a paradise with many activities. It has seven beaches, three pools, stables, and a large farm. Families can stay for $700 per night6 and enjoy the area’s beauty.

The Ritz-Carlton, Naples: Beachfront Elegance in Florida

The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida, offers beach elegance. It features water sports, poolside bungalows, and a family club lounge. With rooms on Vanderbilt Beach, and ocean views from the balconies, starting at $700, guests can relax and enjoy.6

Planning Luxury Family Vacations

Choosing the right destination and resort for your luxury family vacation is key. Look for spots that everyone will enjoy, from babies to teens. In California, you’ll always find the perfect family-friendly vacation home. The state has a lot of places suitable for family trips.7 You’ll see a list of top family vacation ideas in the state. They range from fun beach spots to mountain adventures.

Choosing the Right Destination and Resort

When picking a place, think about the fun things to do, the quality of where you’ll stay, and the resort’s service.7 You can choose from thrilling city visits to serene nature getaways. Don’t miss famous spots like Pier 39 and fun activities like paddleboarding.

Even vineyards offer fun for families, with vineyards like Cakebread welcoming kids. Selecting the right dining places is also crucial. Places like Flour + Water are great for families.

Booking Accommodations and Activities

It’s important to book your stay and things to do early. This makes sure your vacation goes smoothly.8 California has many family-friendly places. From beaches to parks, there’s something for everyone.

Packing Tips for Family Travel

When packing, be sure to bring kid essentials. Also, remember space for souvenirs. Having the right items for your kids makes the trip better for everyone.

Creating Lasting Family Memories

Vacation time is precious, a chance to focus on family and make memories.9 In our quick world, spending time with family is valued a lot. More than 70% of families choose activities for lasting memories.9 The family vacation trend has grown by 10% in the last two years.9

Importance of Quality Time Together

Seeing new places and cultures can really impact kids. It broadens their view and leaves lasting memories.9 Nearly all families, around 90%, take part in shared activities to strengthen their bonds. This includes outings to the beach, seeing new sights, and having adventures.9

Exposing Children to New Experiences and Cultures

Creating traditions around vacations also makes families closer. America has over 60 national parks with their own special beauty.10 The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited park, known for being beautiful and easy to reach.10

Building Traditions and Strengthening Family Bonds

9 Family vacations are becoming more popular. Revenues have been going up by 15% yearly, showing a big interest in family-friendly trips.9 Also, about 30% of families use travel agents or online tools to plan their trips. This shows how important it is to get help for a special family experience.9

Budgeting for Luxury Family Vacations

To plan a luxury family vacation, you need to think things through. This includes finding ways to save, picking where to spend, and getting deals.11 On average, Americans use 10% of their yearly income on trips. It might take them up to six months to bounce back financially.11 A solid financial plan and smart spending can make luxury family trips more doable.

Saving Strategies and Financial Planning

11 Shockingly, 74% of the people in the U.S. go into debt for their vacations. Young adults are more likely to spend big, with 39% using 15% or more of their income on trips, against 18% of older folks.11 More than half forget to fit trips into their yearly budget. It’s vital to have a travel fund. Kevin Payne from Family Money Adventure suggests saving specifically for trips.

Balancing Splurges and Cost-Saving Measures

11 The choice between pricey hotels and Airbnb can save a lot, like $139.42 in Barcelona.12 Pre-planning and choosing cheaper accommodation can cut expenses. For those on a budget, staying in budget hotels or hostels is a smart move.12 All-inclusive resorts seem good at first, but they might not save money on extra activities.

Travel Rewards and Discounts for Families

13 Family Money Adventure makes use of travel rewards for economical trips. Kevin Payne highlights using rewards for flights.12 Sites like Kayak are great to find the best flight deals. Booking ahead by six months can secure lower fares.12 Families can also save on parking costs by hunting for special offers.


From the magical snowscapes of Lapland to Hawaii’s sunny shores, the world is open for your luxury family trips. Whether it’s fun in the outdoors, diving into new cultures, or just spending quality family time, we have it all. Our luxury destinations and resorts are the perfect places for any family.14

Think carefully and plan your luxury family trip well. Find a good balance between treats and saving money. Focus on making memories that will last forever. This is your chance to show your kids new things, start family traditions, and grow closer.15

When you plan your next luxury vacation, let your dreams fly. Know that a mix of comfort, fun, and memories is waiting for you. The world is full of wonders for you to discover. It’s time to start making memories your family will never forget.


What are some luxury family vacation destinations to consider?

Top luxury family vacation spots span the globe. Think about Greece’s islands, Val d’Isère’s ski in France, and South Africa’s wild beauty. Sri Lanka offers tropical beaches while Croatia dazzles with its coasts. Lastly, enjoy Costa Rica’s green wonders like cloud forests and volcanoes.

What are some luxury family resorts to explore?

Consider resorts like Daios Cove in Crete. It has beachfront villas and a great kids’ club. Or Pine Cliffs in the Algarve, Portugal, known for its sports and beach areas. In France, Les Barmes de l’Ours lets you ski from your door. Meanwhile, Sun Gardens by Dubrovnik, Croatia, offers seaside luxury.

What are some unique family-friendly vacation ideas?

Adventure to Finnish Lapland to see Santa Claus. Or explore Greece for history and beaches. Ecuador combines urban life, rural landscapes, and the amazing Galapagos Islands.

What are some luxurious family vacation options within the United States?

In the U.S., you have many luxury family vacation options. Think of Santa Monica by the sea, Aspen’s outdoor thrills, or the beauty of Acadia National Park. Don’t forget family fun in Chicago.

What are some top family-friendly resorts in the United States?

The U.S. boasts top family resorts like Four Seasons in Maui and Laguna Beach. Also, try The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana or Four Seasons Orlando near Disney. Not to miss is Turtle Bay on Oahu or The Ritz-Carlton in Florida.

What should I consider when planning a luxury family vacation?

Choose the right destination and resort for your family. Don’t forget to book ahead and pack carefully for the trip. And of course, always make room for young ones’ souvenirs.

Why are family vacations important?

Family trips create lasting memories and bring everyone closer. They open children’s eyes to different places and cultures. This can help kids grow in many ways and strengthen the family together.

How can I budget for a luxury family vacation?

Planning a luxury family vacation on a budget is possible. Save up and mix in some ways to save money. Also, travel rewards and discounts can lower costs. This way, a high-quality family trip becomes more doable.

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