Wildlife Safaris and Animal Encounters

I’m excited to share about Exquisite Journeys with you. This company focuses on giving travelers amazing chances to see wildlife up close. They have over1 39 years of experience in making special safaris and wildlife trips. Their adventures take you to Africa, the Americas, Asia, and more.

Imagine going on big game drives in the Serengeti or walking through the Amazon rainforest. You can also snorkel among marine life in the Galapagos Islands or see polar bears up close in the Arctic. Exquisite Journeys has many kinds of trips for you to experience nature’s wonders.1

Key Takeaways

  • Exquisite Journeys specializes in creating immersive wildlife and nature adventures around the world.
  • The company has over 39 years of experience in organizing tailor-made safaris and wildlife encounters.
  • Exquisite Journeys offers a wide range of experiences, from big game drives in Africa to trekking in the Amazon and snorkeling in the Galapagos.
  • The company is committed to responsible and sustainable travel practices, with a focus on low-impact tourism and wildlife conservation.
  • Exquisite Journeys partners with luxury safari lodges and tented camps to provide unparalleled comfort and access to the world’s most remarkable natural wonders.

Unforgettable African Safari Adventures

Exquisite Journeys’ African safari lets you see iconic wildlife. They have over 39 years of experience, offering unique animal encounters. This company designs personalized travel for every guest.1

Explore the Serengeti National Park

In the Serengeti National Park, you might see the wildebeest migration. Watch lions hunt and enjoy the rich plant and animal life. More than 2 million animals take part in the Great Wildebeest Migration, making it a must-see event.2

Witness the Big Five in Kruger National Park

In South Africa’s Kruger National Park, try to see the Big Five. These are lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo. Expert guides from Exquisite Journeys make sure your safari is both fun and informative.1

Embark on a Thrilling Safari in Botswana

If you want a closer look, Exquisite Journeys takes you to Botswana. Explore the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park for great wildlife viewing. In Botswana, see the Zebra Migration and meet meerkats in the Makgadikgadi area.2

Immersive Wildlife Encounters Around the World

Exquisite Journeys takes you beyond Africa for unforgettable wildlife encounters. In the Amazon, you can join treks to see jaguars, sloths, and red-eyed tree frogs. These animals are hard to find but are part of the amazing rainforest life.3

In Alaska, their tours let you watch grizzly bears catch salmon and explore the vast land. These bears are a sight to behold in their natural environment.4

Are you a fan of marine life? An expedition to the Galapagos Islands by Exquisite Journeys is a must. You can swim and snorkel near sea lions, marine iguanas, and many fish types. It’s an experience like no other.4

Destination Wildlife Encounters Highlights
Amazon Rainforest Jaguars, Sloths, Red-eyed Tree Frogs Guided Treks to Spot Elusive Creatures
Alaska Grizzly Bears Observing Bears Fishing, Roaming the Tundra
Galapagos Islands Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas, Tropical Fish Snorkeling and Swimming with Marine Life

Luxury Safari Lodges and Tented Camps

Exquisite Journeys works with top luxury safari lodges and tented camps across Africa. We want our guests to enjoy both comfort and amazing wildlife encounters. Take Mombo Camp in Botswana; it’s perfect for spotting big game. And in the Okavango Delta, Duba Plains Camp offers a unique experience. It’s called “Botswana’s Serengeti” for a reason5. Then, there’s Ruckomechi Camp in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools. It’s a peaceful spot after exciting game drives.

Mombo Camp in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve

In Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve, Mombo Camp is a dream for safari lovers. It’s in the perfect spot to see the Big Five. The camp itself is luxurious, with amazing service. Guests really live the African wilderness dream here.

Duba Plains Camp in the Okavango Delta

Duba Plains Camp is in the heart of the Okavango Delta. It offers a private experience in the wild. The camp’s tents and common areas are designed for both comfort and a real bush feel5. The region is known as “Botswana’s Serengeti,” highlighting its rich wildlife.

Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools National Park

Up in Zimbabwe, Ruckomechi Camp beckons. After exciting days, it’s a place to relax. This camp in Mana Pools National Park is close to lots of wildlife. It’s a peaceful escape where guests can truly be one with nature.

Wildlife Safaris and Animal Encounters

At Exquisite Journeys, you can go on amazing wildlife safaris and meet animals up close. You’ll see the Big Five in South Africa’s Kruger National Park or explore Botswana’s Okavango Delta. If you like getting close to animals, you can try tracking gorillas in Rwanda or snorkeling in the Galapagos.

These safaris are meant to make you love nature and want to protect it. Exquisite Journeys works with small groups and expert guides. This makes your trip both educational and fun, and you’ll learn a lot about wildlife.

Wildlife Safari Experiences Pricing Key Details
Safari Lake Geneva $15.95 – $23.956 – Family-owned business founded by “Jungle” Jay Christie6
– Located 5 miles from downtown Lake Geneva6
– Home to animals from around the world6
– Customers can drive-through the safari multiple times6
– Unique wildlife preserve, not a zoo or theme park6
– Highly recommended by Tripadvisor reviews6
– Feed buckets available to interact with animals6
– Close animal encounters are a highlight for visitors6
– Enjoyed by families with children and adults alike6
– Facility and animal care praised by customers6
Backstage Experience at the Wildlife Safari Park $65 per person, $50 per member7 – Participants must be at least 8 years old, with those 17 and under needing adult accompaniment7
– Cheetah Conservation Backstage Experience offered every other Saturday from June-September at 10:30 a.m.7
– Tiger Conservation Backstage Experience offered every other Saturday from June-September at 10:30 a.m.7
– Step-on Safari Bus Tour: 1 hour, offered daily 10am-3pm, $125 per bus (excludes admission), requires 3-week booking7
– Premium Safari Bus Tour: 2 hours, offered daily 10am-3pm, $200 per bus (excludes admission), recommended for ages 4+7

Exquisite Journeys has many wildlife safaris for you to enjoy. You can go on a big game drive, explore rainforests, or swim with sea creatures. Each trip helps you love our planet’s biodiversity more and want to help protect it.

Expert-Guided Safaris and Wildlife Tours

Exquisite Journeys focuses on expert-guided safaris and wildlife tours. These experiences let you dive into nature. It’s thanks to experienced naturalist guides who know a lot about the area.8

Experienced Naturalist Guides

At Exquisite Journeys, the guides work with you to make a plan. They make customized itineraries that match your interests and how you like to travel. This makes your experience unique to you.8 They love nature and know a great deal about the local plants and animals. This makes seeing wildlife even more exciting.9

Customized Itineraries

They keep group sizes small to offer a special experience. With fewer people, you can really get to know the nature around you.8 The plans are not fixed. This means you can stop to enjoy a surprise animal sighting or explore more if you’re curious.9

Small Group Sizes

Places like the Serengeti, Masai Mara, and the Galapagos are perfect for seeing wildlife. They offer a wide variety of activities. You can see big animals up close or hike in dense forests.9 Exquisite Journeys cares about the environment and makes sure your visit helps protect nature.9

Responsible and Sustainable Travel

Exquisite Journeys is all about traveling responsibly and sustainably. We focus on keeping natural places and local areas in good shape. Our way of traveling, called low-impact tourism, aims to leave as little mark as possible. At the same time, we help protect animals and their homes.10

Low-Impact Tourism

Our company works hard to lower the harm we do to the planet. We cut down on things that hurt the environment. For example, we limit the gases that cause climate change, avoid using plastic only once, and use energy from the sun.11 These steps help guests see amazing parts of the Earth without hurting them.

Conservation Efforts

Exquisite Journeys supports the defense of wild animals and their living spaces. We back groups that stop poaching, study wildlife, and solve conflicts between people and animals.12 So, when you join our safaris, you’re helping to protect nature.12 Also, we say no to harmful things like hunting trips or riding elephants. We think these are wrong and bad for the animals.12

Community Engagement

Helping people is also key for Exquisite Journeys. We do a lot with the locals in the places we visit. We support projects that help communities, like building schools or starting businesses run by women.12

And for those traveling to Kenya, you can add a special fee. This gives you a chance to see baby elephants up close at an orphanage.12

Our goal is to protect the natural world and help the areas we visit. With your help, we make a real difference. Together, we can change lives for the better during our travels.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Wildlife Experiences

Exquisite Journeys offers unique wildlife experiences. Travelers get to see some of the world’s most famous and hidden animals. They can see gorillas up close in Rwanda and Uganda.

There are also tiger safaris in India. Guests get to explore national parks to see Bengal tigers. These trips help people understand the importance of animal conservation.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda

In Rwanda and Uganda, you can go on thrilling gorilla trekking tours. You meet these amazing animals in the wild. In Rwanda, a permit costs $1,500, and only 96 are available each day.13 In Uganda, you can track chimpanzees in Bwindi Forest for $750. Or visit Kibale Park for $200. You can also join a habituation experience for $250.13 These experiences are once-in-a-lifetime, showing the closeness and complexity of their families.

Tiger Safaris in India

Exquisite Journeys also offers unique tiger safaris in India. On these safaris, you can see Bengal tigers in the wild. These trips help you learn the value of tiger conservation and their natural habitat.

Polar Bear Tours in the Arctic

In the Arctic, you can join Exquisite Journeys’ tours to see polar bears. This offers a rare look into their lives. You may see them hunt, play, and move across the cold landscape.

This experience highlights the region’s beauty and the importance of saving it. It shows why we must protect the Arctic’s environment.

Birdwatching Adventures Worldwide

Exquisite Journeys creates special tours for bird lovers. These trips help you see rare and exotic birds in their natural homes worldwide.14 You can explore the Amazon and Central America’s cloud forests. Or, see birds up close in Africa’s best national parks.15 The guides at Exquisite Journeys know a lot about nature. They make sure you learn a ton and have a great time watching birds.

Spot Rare and Exotic Bird Species

On Exquisite Journeys’ trips, you visit the most diverse areas on Earth. Here, you’ll meet many rare and colorful birds.15 Imagine seeing toucans and macaws in the Amazon. Or flamingos and other waterbirds in Tanzania’s Arusha National Park. These trips really show you how many different birds there are.

Guided Birdwatching Tours

Exquisite Journeys’ tours have expert guides who know a lot about birds.15 They help you find and learn about all kinds of birds. It makes the trip even more interesting and fun.

Immersive Nature Experiences

These journeys are not just about birds. They also let you get close to nature in amazing ways.14 You might hike in cloud forests or go on a safari. These activities help you understand birdlife better by being in their environments.

Cruising and Wildlife Expeditions

Exquisite Journeys leads the way in remarkable wildlife cruises and expedition voyages. These trips take you to pristine, far-off natural places. The Antarctica cruises let you see stunning scenery and a wide variety of marine animals and birds.16

Antarctica Cruises

Choose from the Classic Antarctica Air Cruise at $15,995 for 8 days16. Or the deeper adventure of the Antarctica – Basecamp at $9,900 for 13 days16. Exquisite Journeys offers many options in Antarctica. Discover huge glaciers, enormous icebergs, and lots of wildlife on these unique journeys.

Galapagos Island Cruises

Galapagos Island cruises by Exquisite Journeys showcase special local species. You will see marine iguanas and Darwin’s finches. As the Galapagos Islands tourism has quadrupled over the past two decades, the company works with trusted operators like World Expeditions. They offer a 7-day cruise aboard the Solaris yacht that accommodates up to 16 passengers.17

Arctic Expedition Cruises

Exquisite Journeys provides luxury Arctic expedition cruises that connect you with wildlife and local cultures. Options range from the Svalbard Encounter Expedition Micro Cruise at $11,095 for 8 days16 to the longer Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard (Northbound) journey at $24,722 for 17 days16. These journeys showcase the Arctic’s stunning beauty and wildlife, such as polar bears and whales.

Experience the beauty of Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, and the Arctic with Exquisite Journeys’ wildlife cruises and expedition voyages. These trips open up captivating natural worlds.1617

Tailor-Made Journeys for Every Traveler

Exquisite Journeys focuses on making personalized travel experiences for every guest. The team of experts collaborates with clients. They create customized itineraries that mix wildlife, culture, and high-end stays.

If you love adventures or prefer a calm safari, you’ll find a match at Exquisite Journeys. They offer various travel styles that suit different interests. Plus, they always keep budgets and schedules in mind.18

Personalized Travel Planning

Personalized travel planning is a key focus for Exquisite Journeys. They ensure your journey fits your needs and wants perfectly. The skilled team crafts bespoke itineraries based on what you love to do and see.

Diverse Travel Styles

Exquisite Journeys has something for everyone. From exciting trekking expeditions to calm wildlife safaris, their diverse travel styles cover it all. Prefer cultural discoveries or luxurious beach escapes? They’ll design the ideal trip for you.19

Flexible Budgets

Realizing travelers come with different budgets, they offer flexible pricing. You can choose from budget-friendly safari packages to high-end luxury experiences. The goal is for every guest to enjoy a custom wildlife tour within their budget.18


Exquisite Journeys is known for offering incredible wildlife safaris. Their dedication has made them a top pick in travel. They create journeys that show the world’s beauty. This lets people connect deeply with nature and its beings.

Whether it’s a big game safari in Africa or exploring the Amazon, each trip with Exquisite Journeys is unforgettable. These journeys also spark a love for protecting our planet.20

Exquisite Journeys leads in responsible and sustainable travel. They care for local communities and wildlife. Staying at eco-friendly places and supporting educational projects is their norm.21

Exquisite Journeys is a leader in personalized travel. They offer unique adventures that help both dreams come true and the planet. Their efforts are not just about travel but also about protecting nature.22


What types of wildlife safaris and animal encounters does Exquisite Journeys offer?

Exquisite Journeys brings you a wide variety of wildlife safaris and encounters. This includes exploring big game in Africa. You can also trek the Amazon, snorkel in the Galapagos, and see polar bears up north. They truly focus on gorilla treks, tiger sightings, and birdwatching everywhere.

Where does Exquisite Journeys offer its wildlife safaris and animal encounters?

Their adventures cover Africa, the Americas, and Asia, including beyond these areas. Join them in famous spots like the Serengeti, Kruger Park, or the Amazon. You can also discover the beauty of Alaska and the Galapagos Islands with them.

What type of accommodations does Exquisite Journeys provide for its wildlife safaris?

They choose the best, from luxury lodges to tented camps in Africa. Think about staying at places like Mombo Camp, Duba Plains, or Ruckomechi Camp. These spots bring you close to wildlife without sacrificing comfort.

How does Exquisite Journeys ensure responsible and sustainable travel practices?

They stick to travel that’s both responsible and sustainable. Exquisite Journeys actively supports conservation and respects local culture. By working with communities and protecting nature, they make sure travel has a positive impact.

What types of customization and personalization does Exquisite Journeys offer for its wildlife safaris and animal encounters?

Exquisite Journeys focuses on making your travel unique. Their experts tailor every detail to match your interest and styles. You might enjoy a mix of wildlife, culture, and luxury. With this, they make sure your adventure fits your budget and time.

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