Discover the Ultimate in Beach Destinations and Resorts with High-End Escapes

Beach Destinations and Resorts

This article is a gateway to the world’s most luxurious and exclusive1 beach destinations and resorts. You will explore pristine tropical paradises and secluded island sanctuaries. Each destination is handpicked to offer you the best in sun-drenched shores, turquoise waters, and top-notch service. You’ll find options perfect for a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a dream vacation.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the world’s most luxurious and exclusive beach destinations and resorts
  • Explore pristine tropical paradises and secluded island sanctuaries
  • Indulge in the splendor of sun-drenched shores, turquoise waters, and impeccable service
  • Enjoy romantic couples’ retreats, family-friendly adventures, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences
  • Uncover the ultimate beach getaway that caters to your personal preferences

Reborn From the Ashes: Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia

The devastating 2020 bushfires wiped out the iconic Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Many people thought this luxury retreat was gone forever. However, the resort’s story didn’t end there. Remarkably, it has emerged from the ashes. Now, it shines brighter than ever before.2

A Reimagined Luxury Lodge with Uninterrupted Ocean Views

As of December 2023, the new Southern Ocean Lodge welcomes visitors back. It offers 25 suites with glass fronts that show off the Southern Ocean views. These suites are spread over the limestone cliffs, allowing for unmatched scenery.2 Each suite combines a modern look with a 70s feel. They have sunken living rooms, fireplaces, and private patios. This setup lets guests enjoy the cool Antarctic wind.

Indulgent Amenities Amidst Nature’s Splendor

The new Baillie Pavilion suite is a standout, offering an infinity pool and more. There’s also an upgraded spa with a view of the nature reserve.2 The lodge is committed to being eco-friendly. Plus, it’s all about soaking in Kangaroo Island’s beauty. This makes the Southern Ocean Lodge an outstanding place to experience luxury in the heart of nature.

Beach Destinations and Resorts: Auberge’s Pristine Coastal Retreats

Auberge, a top-notch hospitality group, has picked out amazing beach destinations and resorts. These places let you dive into the beauty of the world’s most pristine coastlines.3 This summer, Auberge is introducing unique experiences that show off the beauty and thrills of its beachside properties.3 You can go on exciting off-road trips, explore under the sea, and check out fascinating cultural sites. All this while enjoying top-notch amenities that Auberge is famous for.3 No matter if you’re looking for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a thrilling adventure, Auberge’s coastal retreats are ideal. They help you reconnect with nature and make memories that last a lifetime.

4 Auberge’s Pristine Coastal Retreats feature places like Susurros del Corazon, Bishop’s Lodge, and more.4 Esperanza stands out as the only private beach resort in Los Cabos, with stunning views of the Sea of Cortez.4 Etéreo has been honored as the “ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST NEW HOTELS” by TRAVEL AND LEISURE 2022.4 Auberge Resorts Collection gives you unique adventures and a warm welcome in Mexico. Their collection includes beautiful spots that feel like a private house, yet with all the luxury.

Auberge Resorts and Destinations Key Highlights
New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado Access to Jemez, Wasatch, and Rocky ranges, as well as Southern Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.3
Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico Protects over 33,000 acres of canyon and mesa country.3
Mauna Lani, Hawai’i Provides coral reef exploration opportunities.3
Susurros del Corazon, Mexico Offers a three-day surf school for kids in Punta de Mita.3
Chileno Bay Resort & Residences Provide surfing itineraries for all skill levels.3
Etéreo, Riviera Maya, Mexico Offers underground river expeditions with archaeologist Dante García.3
Aerial Tours Offered over Newport, Costa Rica, and the Colorado Rockies.3
The Vanderbilt, Newport Includes scenic helicopter tours over local attractions.3
Madeline Hotel & Residences Allows guests to charter flights over parks from Telluride to Moab.3
Hacienda AltaGracia, Costa Rica Offers ultralight flights over scenery and the coast.3
Stanly Ranch Offers vintage yacht cruises and picnic lunches.3

The World’s Most Exclusive Private Island Escapes

Want privacy and luxury? The top private island getaways are perfect. They let you enjoy natural beauty without interruption.

The Brando: Marlon Brando’s Eco-Friendly Polynesian Paradise

Marlon Brando loved an island so much, he made it special. The Brando is his dream in French Polynesia. It’s all about staying green while enjoying 35 amazing villas. Each villa has its own beach, pool, and treats for guests. And it’s all eco-friendly.5

Pikaia Lodge: A Galapagos Adventure in Luxury

In the Galapagos, the Pikaia Lodge is a must-see. It’s on top of a volcano, which is pretty cool. Here, you get a luxurious place to start your adventure. You can see rare wildlife and amazing scenery.

Laucala Island: A Fijian Sanctuary of Turquoise Lagoons

Laucala Island in Fiji is an escape to a paradise. It’s huge, with beautiful lagoons, beaches, and mountains. The villas are amazing. The food is great. And you can do lots of fun things outside. It’s a place where you can truly relax.5

Resort Location Accommodation Unique Features
The Brando French Polynesia 35 luxury villas Eco-friendly, private beach, plunge pool5
Pikaia Lodge Galapagos Luxury lodge Situated atop an extinct volcano
Laucala Island Fiji Lavish villas 3,500-acre sanctuary with turquoise lagoons, powder-sand beaches5

Luxury Glamping in the Great Outdoors

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in the Canadian Rockies blends nature with luxury perfectly. It’s a top choice for those wanting a luxurious glamping experience.6 In British Columbia, this resort hides 20 deluxe tents. They are filled with antique furniture, elegant china, and even have heated floors in the bathrooms.6 Guests can pick from a range of exciting activities like river kayaking and meeting wildlife. This amazing place offers both the thrill of the outdoors and the comfort of 5-star living,6 all while you enjoy delicious food and top-notch service.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort: A Five-Star Tented Experience

In 2018, the word “glamping” officially entered the dictionary, showing how popular it has become.6 Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge, by Vancouver Island, has 25 luxury tents by Clayoquot Sound, a beautiful spot.6 Aman Camp Sarika in Utah offers luxurious tents with beautiful bedrooms in a stunning canyon. Under Canvas Bryce Canyon has 50 tents on wide grasslands, and Paws Up Resort in Montana has vast spaces for glamping near rivers and creeks.6 In Colorado, Dunton River Camp lets you tent with views of glorious mountains or a picturesque river. Governors Island has unique tents with private bathrooms, ideal for a comfortable experience.6

Overwater Villas and Underwater Wonders

Velaa Private Island in the Maldives is a top choice for those who love luxurious overwater spots and underwater adventures.7 It’s nestled in the Indian Ocean, offering beachfront and floating villas. These come with private pools and decks. The island also has exciting features like a mini submarine. This lets guests explore under the sea. Plus, there’s fine wine, a spa, and a golf school. Velaa Private Island is a place of luxury that lets you escape in a unique way.

Velaa Private Island: A Maldivian Marvel with a Submarine

At Velaa Private Island, guests enjoy lavish options from beachfront to overwater villas.8 The highlight is the submarine. It lets visitors see the amazing marine life of the Maldives. This place is all about offering exclusive experiences. It’s perfect for those who cherish luxury under the sea and above it.

Romantic Retreats for Couples

The Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, offers the ultimate romantic getaway for couples. It is famous for its incredible attention to detail and vast array of romantic activities. These include cinema on the beach, private plunge pools, and even cooking lessons for couples. You can surprise your partner with a hidden love note in a bottle, too.1

You’ll find spacious suites and villas, along with top-notch service. The resort also invites you to explore the local culture and food. This environment of romance and luxury makes it ideal for couples seeking a special escape.

Ranch Luxury in the Wild West

Located in western Montana on a 37,000-acre ranch, the Resort at Paws Up combines nature with elegance.9 There’s a choice between large ranch houses, which feature luxurious items like jetted tubs and private decks with hot tubs, and deluxe tented suites, labeled as “glamping,” with heated floors and private bathrooms.9 This resort offers many activities such as archery, horseback riding, fly fishing, and even hot air ballooning.9 No matter if you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, Paws Up is the ideal spot to enjoy nature and luxury.

Alpine Luxury in the Swiss Alps

The Chedi Andermatt is found in the stunning Swiss Alps setting. It has turned the quiet ski town into a top spot for luxury lovers.10 This place boasts 105 rooms, a large spa, and unique offerings like a cigar library and a cheese humidor. It even has ‘ski butlers’ to enhance your stay.11

Guest rooms and suites at Chedi Andermatt are designed with leather chairs and wood floors. They have cozy fireplaces and beautiful murals inspired by the 17th-century painter, Peter Paul Rubens.11 Besides these great rooms, guests can enjoy the ski-in living room and a courtyard ice rink. There’s also access to top skiing, hiking, and fine dining. This resort truly makes for the perfect alpine retreat.11

Every inch of the Chedi Andermatt screams luxury and attention to detail. Guests are welcome to the spa and wellness facilities for a variety of rejuvenating treatments.11 For dining, the hotel uses local ingredients to create exciting dishes. This lets visitors taste the true spirit of the Swiss Alps.11 For those who love the outdoors, the resort provides an array of adventure activities. There are ski trails, hiking paths, and more, all to explore the beautiful mountains fully.12

The Chedi Andermatt shines with its high-end design, amazing amenities, and top-notch service. As a leading ski resort in the Swiss Alps, it stands far above the rest.11 Ideal for a romantic trip, family fun, or a luxury getaway, this resort offers the very best. It is a must-visit for those who wish to create lasting memories in the alpine world.

Immersive Safari Experiences

Looking for a deep safari connection? Try Little Kulala in Namibia. It’s a luxury desert stay blending perfectly into the space.13 This special lodge sits in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve. You can explore the wonders of the Namibian desert with top-notch services. Each of the 11 villas comes with a private pool and rooftop for starry nights. The decor honors the environment. Little Kulala is rich with adventures like wilderness treks and seeing wildlife up close. It’s a unique chance to get lost in the beauty of the Namibian desert.


In this article, I’ve gathered the world’s top luxurious and exclusive beach destinations and resorts. Each place offers a unique experience.14 For example, there’s the Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia and the eco-friendly The Brando. Also, you’ll find the Velaa Private Island’s overwater villas and Canada’s Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. These high-end places give the best service, lots of amenities, and let you enjoy nature’s beauty.14

Are you looking for a romantic couples’ retreat or a family-friendly adventure? Maybe a once-in-a-lifetime journey? These beach destinations and resorts are perfect for any of those.15 They offer the best in luxury and exclusivity for your beach vacation. They are also big on being eco-friendly. Check out Eco Beach Resort for an example of how they put nature first.14

You can choose from the beautiful coastal retreats at Auberge or the private island resorts’ island sanctuaries. This article shows you a variety of personalized service and exclusive amenities that change how we think about luxury travel.14 By picking these high-end vacations, travelers make memories and truly get to know the top beach destinations and resorts in the world.15


What types of beach destinations and resorts are featured in this article?

This article talks about many luxury beach spots. It includes tropical places, hidden island getaways, cozy coastal spots, and places right by the sea. You’ll learn about fancy hotels with ocean views and locally focused experiences.

Can you provide more details on the reimagined Southern Ocean Lodge in Australia?

The Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island was rebuilt after fires in 2020. It reopened in December 2023. Now, it has 25 suites that look out to the ocean. There’s also a special suite with a pool and spa. The resort focuses on being green and lets guests dive into the nearby natural reserve.

What kind of experiences can guests expect at Auberge’s coastal retreats?

At Auberge’s retreats, guests get to enjoy many adventures. You might go on fun off-road trips, or check out ocean life by diving or snorkeling. You can also discover the local culture. All this, alongside comfy rooms and great food.

What are some examples of the world’s most exclusive private island escapes?

The three top private islands are The Brando, Pikaia Lodge, and Laucala Island. They’re in French Polynesia, the Galapagos, and Fiji. Each place is super luxurious, very private, and close to nature’s beauty.

Can you describe the glamping experience at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada?

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada is all about luxury camping. They have 20 plush tents with nice furniture. You can pick adventures like kayaking or watching wildlife. It’s all about personalizing your stay.

What makes Velaa Private Island in the Maldives unique?

Velaa Private Island in the Maldives has special overwater villas and a tiny submarine. This lets guests get to know the amazing marine life. The island also offers great wine, spa, and golf, making it a unique retreat.

What makes Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico, a romantic retreat for couples?

Las Ventanas al Paraiso is perfect for couples. It carefully prepares romantic touches. They offer private pools, cooking classes for two, and a special way to leave a love message for your partner.

What kind of experiences can guests expect at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana?

Paws Up in Montana combines the wild with luxury. You can do a lot there, from shooting arrows to riding horses. They also have fishing, hot air balloon rides, and comfy tents or ranch estates to stay in.

What makes the Chedi Andermatt in the Swiss Alps a premier luxury ski destination?

The Chedi Andermatt stands out in the Swiss Alps with its luxury. It has over 100 rooms, a huge spa, and a special place for cigars and cheese. They even offer ski butlers to make your skiing experience amazing.

What can guests expect from the safari experience at Little Kulala in Namibia?

Little Kulala in Namibia is a top desert escape. You can stay in cool, private villas. They also offer wildlife adventures and cultural trips. It’s a chance to enjoy the beauty of Namibia.

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